Medieval Dublin series

ed. Sean Duffy

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Lorcan Harney – The early medieval ecclesiastical enclosures of Dublin: their character, chronology and evolving function in light of excavations across Ireland
Denis Casey – Dublin and the Gaelic Irish economy in the eleventh and twelfth centuries
Edel Bhreathnach – Saints’ dedications and the ecclesiastical landscape of Hiberno-Norse Dublin: Irish, Scandinavian and others
Thomas W. Smith – Why were there so few papal provisions in thirteenth-century Dublin?
John William Sullivan – ‘The Pale at prayer’: lived religious experience in Anglo-Norman Dublin’s two cathedrals
Paul Duffy – Saints and skinners: excavations along the northern precinct of the abbey of Saint Thomas the Martyr, Dublin
Antoine Giacometti – Blackpitts: Dublin’s medieval tanning quarter
Caoimhe Whelan – Dragons, giants and beautiful women: medieval Dublin in the European imagination
Alan R. Hayden – St Sepulchre’s palace: new perspectives from recent excavations
Brian Coleman – The parliamentary subsidy in fifteenth-century County Dublin and the men who collected it
John Nicholl – Late medieval footwear and leather finds from Chancery Lane, Dublin
Randolph Jones – From mayors of Dublin to barons of Scrine: the Mareward family in Ireland, c.1360-1564

ed. Sean Duffy

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Gill Boazman – Material culture and identity in the southern hinterland of Hiberno-Scandinavian Dublin
Dagmar Ó Riain-Raedel – New light on the beginnings of Christ Church cathedral, Dublin
Máire Geaney – Wood Quay and later waterfront revetments in Anglo-Norman Dublin: a reappraisal of their carpentry
Linzi Simpson – Archaeological excavation of the medieval church of St John of Bothe Street, Fishamble Street, Dublin 8
Phyllis Gaffney & Yolande de Pontfarcy Sexton – ‘The laws and usages of Dublin’: a complete translation of Les leys et les usages de la cite de Diveline
Antoine Giacometti – The archaeology of medieval James’s Street, Dublin
Paul Dryburgh – ‘The Mortimer has taken great pains to save and keep the peace’: crown, city and community during the Bruce invasion and its aftermath
Theresa O’Byrne – I. Yonge scripsit: self-promotion, professional networking and the Anglo-Irish literary scribe
Áine Foley – The abbey of St Thomas the Martyr and the le Brun family: piety and patronage in Anglo-Norman Dublin
Sheila Dooley – Dublin’s lost medieval church of St Michael
Randolph Jones – The Book of Howth’s account of the Lambert Simnel conspiracy: an eyewitness account?
Ruth Johnson – County Dublin Archaeology GIS: a research resources for medieval Dublin


Medieval Dublin XVI (2017)
ed. Seán Duffy

Bart Jaski – The (legendary) rise of Dál Cais
Catherine Swift – Hunting for the genetic legacy of Brian Boru in Irish historical sources
Edel Bhreathnach – The kings of Dublin and Leinster before the battle of Clontarf
Eoin O’Flynn – Brian and the Uí Néill kingship of Tara
Denis Casey – Brian Boru, the Book of Armagh and the Irish church in the tenth and eleventh centuries
Colmán Etchingham – Clontarf 1014: military significance, external dimension and outcome
Patrick Wadden – Brian Bóraime, the Insular Viking world, and the battle of Clontarf
Máire Ní Mhaonaigh – Glorious by association: the obituary of Brian Boru
Andrew Halpin – The battle of Clontarf: the archaeological evidence
Paul MacCotter – Dál Cais after Clontarf
Marie Therese Flanagan – After Brian Bóraime: the high-kingship and the kings of Connacht
Lenore Fischer – Brian Bóraime’s right to rule: an unfinished dialogue
Meidhbhín Ní Úrdail – The battle of Clontarf in later Irish tradition
Roman Bleier, Sparky Booker, Eoin O’Flynn, Cherie N. Peters, Christina Wade & Caoimhe Whelan – Writing history in the digital age: the battle of Clontarf goes online


Medieval Dublin XV (2016)
ed. Seán Duffy

Edmond O’Donovan – Archaeological excavations on Mount Gamble Hill: evidence for a new early medieval church in Swords?
Ailbhe MacShamhráin – Swords and district: the political and ecclesiastical background, fifth to twelfth centuries
Craig Lyons – Óláfr Cúarán, Sigtryggr Silkbeard and the emergence of the Irish kingdom of Dublin
Paul Duffy – The church of Bearach, the grange of Baldoyle and the town of the dark stranger
Catherine Swift – Chivalry, Saracens and the chansons de geste of Brian Borus
Claire Walsh – Housing in early Anglo-Norman Dublin: evidence from an excavation at Back Lane
Daniel J.F. Brown – The archbishop and citizens of Dublin during Hugh de Lacy’s Irish rebellion, 1223–4
Bernard Meehan – A fourteenth-century historical compilation from St Mary’s Cistercian abbey, Dublin
James Lydon – Dublin and the Scottish threat, 1315–18
Brian Coleman – Urban Elite: the county and civic elite of later medieval Dublin
Dianne Hall – Everyday violence in medieval Dublin


Medieval Dublin XIV (2014)
ed. Seán Duffy

Ian Riddler & Nicola Trzaska-Nartowski – Dublin and the Late Roman comb
Rebecca Boyd – Life in the big city: being at home in Viking Dublin
Gwendolyn Sheldon – The conversion of the Vikings of Dublin
Lenore Fischer – What the Vikings really thought about Clontarf: a speculation
A.R. Hayden – A rising tide doesn’t lift all boats: archaeological excavations at Meeting House Square, Temple Bar, Dublin
Geraldine Stout – St Mary’s Abbey, Dublin, and its medieval farm suppliers
Linzi Simpson – St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin: the recent discovery of the thirteenth-century south nave wall
Charles Smith – Trouble with the archbishops in thirteenth-century Dublin
Randolph Jones – Janico Markys, Dublin, and the coronation of ‘Edward VI’ in 1487
Eoin C. Bairéad – The bailiffs, provosts and sheriffs of the city of Dublin


Medieval Dublin XIII (2013)
ed. Seán Duffy

Eoin O’Flynn – The Dublin Vikings and the Clann Cholmáin kings of the Southern Uí Néill
Denis Casey – Norse, Gaelic or Hiberno-Scandinavian? The airlabraid of tenth-century Dublin
Andrew Woods – The coinage and economy of Hiberno-Scandinavian Dublin
Leonore Fischer – How Dublin remembered the Battle of Clontarf
Paul MacCotter – The church lands of the diocese of Dublin: reconstruction and history
Niall Ó Súilleabháin – Mormaors, mayors and merchants: the early development of municipal government in Dublin
Grace O’Keeffe – The merchant conquistadors: medieval Bristolians in Dublin
Declan Johnston – Black Monday: the power of myth in medieval Dublin
Bernadette Williams – The arrival of the Dominicans in Ireland in 1224 and the question of Dublin and Drogheda: the sources re-examined
Caoimhe Whelan – James Yonge and the writing of history in late medieval Dublin
John Montague – ‘But what about the earlier city?’: John Rocque’s Exact Survey (1756) as a source for medieval Dublin
Linzi Simpson – The priory of All Hallows and the Old College: archaeological investigations in Front Square, Trinity College Dublin
Niall McCullough – Architecture for archaeology and urban context: the Ship Street-Werburgh Street Framework Plan


Medieval Dublin XII (2013)
ed. Seán Duffy

Edmond O’Donovan – Early Christian and medieval excavations at Teach Naithí: the changing morphology of a church site in Dundrum, County Dublin
Linzi Simpson – The longphort of Dublin: lessons from Woodstown, County Waterford and Annagassan, County Louth
Claire Walsh – The excavation of an early roadway and Hiberno-Norse houses at the Coombe
Geraldine Stout – The topography of St Mary’s Cistercian abbey and precinct, Dublin
Judith Carroll – Excavations at 58–59 Thomas Street/Vicar Street and 63–64 Thomas Street, Dublin 8
Colm Lennon – The medieval manor of Clontarf, 1171–1540
Alan R. Hayden – Rivers and industry, life and death: archaeological excavations on the Coombe bypass and Cork Street realignment, Dublin
Rosanne Meenan – Excavations at 23–27 Stephen Street Lower, Dublin
Áine Foley – The sheriff of Dublin in the fourteenth century
Ellen O’Flaherty – Manuscript sources for the history of medieval Dublin in Trinity College Library, Dublin


Medieval Dublin XI (2011)
ed. Seán Duffy

Linzi Simpson – Fifty years a-digging: a synthesis of medieval and archaeological investigations in Dublin City and Suburbs
Lorcan Harney, Jonathan Kinsella & Aidan O’Sullivan – County Dublin: some observationson the historiography of early medieval excavation and research, 1930-2005
Teresa Bolger – Defining the ‘Pill’: the contribution of excavations at Ormond Quay Upper to the interpretation of the original topography of the Liffey foreshore
Maeve Sikora, Barra Ó Donnbháin & Niamh Daly – Preliminary report on a Viking warrior grave at War Memorial Park, Islandbridge
Clare Downham – Viking identities in Ireland: it’s not all black and white
Áine Foley – Chieftains, betaghs and burghers: the Irish on the royal manors of medieval Dublin
Charles Smith – Patricians in medieval Dublin: the career of the Sargent family
Colm Moriarty – The medieval vill of Portmarnock
Randolph Jones – ‘Hys worthy seruice done in that vpror’: Sir John Whyte and the defence of Dublin during Silken Thomas’ rebellion, 1534
Michael O’Neill – Christ Church Cathedral and its environs: medieval and beyond
Patrick James Herbage – Richard Stanihurst’s Irish Chronicle and the crown censors, 1577
Dermot McGuinne – Printing in Dublin: the first sixty years


Medieval Dublin X (2010)
ed. Seán Duffy

Clare Crowley – Sanctuary and symbolism: the origins of the curvilinear plan-form at Clondalkin, County Dublin
Linzi Simpson – Pre-Viking and early Viking-Age Dublin: research questions
Clare Downham – Viking camps in ninth-century Ireland: sources, locations and interactions
Stephen H. Harrison – Bride Street revisited – Viking burial in Dublin and beyond
Edel Bhreathnach – Dublin in Middle Irish Leinster dynastic poetry
Sinéad Phelan – The bank, the ditch and the water: Hiberno-Norse discoveries at Church Street and Hammond Lane
Giles Dawkes – Interim results of excavations at 152-5 Church Street, Dublin: St Michan’s early enclosure and late medieval timber-framed buildings
Áine Foley – Violent crime in medieval County Dublin: a symptom of degeneracy?
Alan R. Hayden – Archaeological excavations at the west side of Augustine Street, Dublin: a summary
Colmán Ó Clabaigh OSB – The hermits and anchorites of medieval Dublin
Sparky Booker – An English city? Gaelicization and cultural exchange in late medieval Dublin
A.J. Otway-Ruthven (prepared for publication by Peter Crooks) – The medieval Irish town


Medieval Dublin IX (2009)
ed. Seán Duffy

Claire Walsh – An early medieval roadway at Chancery Lane: from Duibhlinn to Áth Cliath?
Linzi Simpson – Dublin’s famous ‘Bull’s acre’: site of the monastery of Kilmainham?
Bernadette Williams – The lost coronation oath of King Edward I: rediscovered in a Dublin manuscript
Melanie McQuade – Archaeological excavations on the site of Meakstown Castle, Finglas, Co. Dublin
Peter Crooks – Negotiating authority in a colonial capital: Dublin and the Windsor Crisis, 1369-78
Peter Harbison – Some old illustrations of St Doulagh’s church, Balgriffin, Co Dublin
Grace O’Keeffe – The Hospital of St John the Baptist in medieval Dublin: functions and maintenance
Franc Myles – Archaeological excavations at the mill-pond of St Thomas’s abbey, Dublin
Tríona Nicholl – From Roskilde to Dublin: the story of the Sea Stallion from Glendalough


Medieval Dublin VIII (2008)
ed. Seán Duffy

Myles Gibbons & Michael Gibbons – The search for the ninth-century longphort: early Viking-Age Norse fortifications and the origins of urbanization in Ireland
Nessa Walsh – Pre-Romanesque churches in County Dublin and its hinterland
Edmond O’Donovan – The Irish, the Vikings, and the English: new archaeological evidence from excavations at Golden Lane, Dublin R.
Andrew McDonald – Man, Ireland, and England: the English conquest of Ireland and Dublin-Manx relations
Linzi Simpson – The medieval city wall and the southern line of Dublin’s defences: excavations at 14-16 Werburgh Street
Bernadette Cunningham – Dublin in the late-medieval Gaelic annals
Alan J. Fletcher – The annals and chronicles of medieval Dublin: an overview
Raymond Gillespie – Dubliners view themselves: the Dublin City chronicles
Christine Baker – Excavations within the manor of Merrion Castle, Dublin
Teresa Bolger – An analysis of the environmental history of medieval County Dublin based on Archbishop Alen’s Register c.1172-1534
Howard B. Clarke – Thirty years on: a personal memoir of the Friends of Medieval Dublin


Medieval Dublin VII (2006)
ed. Seán Duffy

Abi Cryerhall – Excavations at Hammond Lane, Dublin: from hurdle-ford to iron foundry
Seán Duffy – The royal dynasties of Dublin and the Isles in the eleventh century
John Ó Néill – Excavation of pre-Norman structures on the site of an enclosed Early Christian cemetery at Cherrywood, County Dublin
Raghnall Ó Floinn – The foundation of relics of Christ Church cathedral and the origins of the diocese of Dublin
Alan Hayden – Excavation of a medieval house in the grounds of Howth House, County Dublin
Linzi Simpson – John Rocque’s map of Dublin (1756): a modern source for medieval property-boundaries
Roger Stalley – The archbishop’s residence at Swords: castle or country retreat?
Charles Lyons – Dublin’s oldest roof? The choir of St Patrick’s cathedral
Brendan Scott – The religious houses of Tudor Dublin: their communities and resistance to the Dissolution, 1537-41
Máire Geaney – Christ Church cathedral, Dublin: a survey of the nave and south transept roofs


Medieval Dublin VI (2005)
ed. Seán Duffy

Patrick Wallace – Appreciation of John de Courcy
Linzi Simpson – Viking warrior burials in Dublin: is this the longphort?
Cathal Daly – Beyond Valhalla: the conservation of a group of Viking grave-goods from Dublin
David Dunville – Old Dubliners and new Dubliners in Ireland and Britain: a Viking-age story
Andrew Halpin – Development phases in Hiberno-Norse Dublin: a tale of two cities
Ailbhe MacShamhráin – The Monasticon Hibernicum project: the diocese of Dublin
Elmar Eggerer –The guild merchant of Dublin
Claire Walsh – Archaeological excavation of the Anglo-Norman waterfront at Strand Street Great, Dublin
Emer Purcell – The city and the suburb: medieval Dublin and Oxmantown
Margaret Murphy & Michael Potterton – Investigating living standards in medieval Dublin and its regions.


Medieval Dublin V (2004)
ed. Seán Duffy

Linzi Simpson – Excavations on the southern side of the medieval town at Ship Street Little, Dublin
Pádraig Ó Riain – Dublin’s oldest book? A list of saints ‘made in Germany’
John Ó Neill – Excavations at Longford Street Little, Dublin: an archaeological approach to Dubh Linn
Rosanne Meenan – The excavation of pre-Norman burials and ditch near St Michan’s church, Dublin
Emmet O’Byrne – Cultures in contact in the Leinster and Dublin marches, 1170-1400
Alan Hayden – Excavations of the medieval river frontage at Arran Quay, Dublin
Michael O’Neill – St Patrick’s cathedral, Dublin, and its prebendal churches: gothic architectural relationships
Alan J. Fletcher – God’s jesters and the festive culture of medieval Ireland
Raymond Gillespie – Robert Ware’s telling tale: a medieval Dublin story and its significance


Medieval Dublin IV (2003)
ed. Seán Duffy

Tim Coughlan – Excavations at the medieval cemetery of St Peter’s church, Dublin
Eileen Reilly – The contribution of insect remains to an understanding of the environment of Viking-age and medieval Dublin
James Lydon – The defences of Dublin in the middle ages
Cathal Duddy – The role of St Thomas’ abbey in the early development of Dublin’s western suburb
Laureen Buckley – Health status in medieval Dublin: analysis of the skeletal remains from the abbey of St Thomas the Martyr
Edmond O’Donovan – The growth and decline of a medieval suburb? Evidence from excavations at Thomas Street, Dublin
Lynda Conlon – Women in medieval Dublin: their legal rights and economic power Emer Purcell – Land use in medieval Oxmantown
Emmett O’Byrne – A much disputed land: Carrickmines and the Dublin marches
Danielle O’Donovan – English patron, English building? The importance of St Sepulchre’s archiepiscopal palace, Dublin Arran Quay
Linzi Simpson – Dublin’s southern frontier under siege: Kindlestown Castle, Delgany, County Wicklow.


Medieval Dublin III (2002)
ed. Seán Duffy

Georgina Scally – The earthern banks and walled defences of Dublin’s north-east corner
Alex Woolf – Amlaíb Cuarán and the Gael, 941-81
Alan Hayden –The excavation of pre-Norman defences and houses at Werburgh Street, Dublin: a summary
Ruth Johnson – Decorated wood from Temple Bar West, Dublin
Martin Holland – The synod of Dublin in 1080
Rachel Moss – Tales form the crypt: the medieval stonework of Christ Church cathedral, Dublin
James Lydon – Dublin Castle in the middle ages
Rosanne Meenan – Archaeological excavations at 16-17 Cook Street, Dublin
Mary Clark – People, places and parchment: the medieval archives of Dublin city
Laureen Buckey & Alan Hayden – Excavations at St Stephen’s leper hospital, Dublin: a summary account and an analysis of burials
Linzi Simpson – The priory of All Hallows and Trinity College, Dublin: recent archaeological discoveries


Medieval Dublin II (2001)
ed. Seán Duffy

Margaret Gowen – Excavations at the site of the church and tower of St Michael le Pole, Dublin
Ailbhe MacShamhráin – The battle of Glenn Máma, Dublin, and the high-kingship of Ireland: a millennial commemoration
Barra Ó Donnabháin & Benedikt Hallgrímsson – Dublin: the biological identity of a Hiberno-Norse town
Claire Walsh – Dublin’s southern town defences, tenth to fourteenth centuries: the evidence from Ross Road
James Lydon – Dublin in transition: from Ostman town to English borough
Bernadette Williams – The Dominican annals of Dublin
Ann Lynch &  Conletth Manning – Excavations at Dublin Castle, 1985-7
Jessica McMurrow – Women in medieval Dublin: an introduction
Barra Ó Donnabháin – A cut above: cranial surgery in medieval Dublin
Philomena Connolly – The rise and fall of Geoffrey Morton, mayor of Dublin, 1303-4


Medieval Dublin I (2000)
ed. Seán Duffy

Linzi Simpson – Forty years a-digging: a preliminary synthesis of archaeological investigations in medieval Dublin
Mary Valante – Dublin’s economic relations with hinterland and periphery in the later Viking age
Alan Hayden – West Side story: archaeological excavations at Cornmarket and Bridge Street Upper, Dublin – a summary report
Claire McCutcheon – Medieval pottery in Dublin: new names and some dates
D.L. Swan – Archaeological excavations at Usher’s quay, 1991
Mary Deevy & Christine Baker – Ring brooches and finger rings from medieval Dublin
Claire Walsh – Archaeological excavations at the abbey of St Thomas the martyr, Dublin
Tim Coughlan – The Anglo-Norman houses of Dublin: evidence from Back Lane