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Medieval Dublin:  The Making of a Metropolis (1990)
ed. Howard Clarke

From its origins as a monastic settlement and later as a Viking kingdom, to its identity as an English colonial capital, medieval Dublin passed through many incarnations. It has been, alternately, a pirates’ lair at the center of a brutal slave trade, an emergent town ransacked periodically by its Irish neighbors, a rapidly expanding municipality headed by a mayor, and the principal focus of loyalty to the crown in a beleaguered Pale.

Anngret Simms – Medieval Dublin in a European context: from proto-town to chartered town – Anngret Simms
Howard Clarke – The topographical development of early medieval Dublin – HB Clarke
Patrick Wallace – The origins of Dublin – PF Wallace
Edmund Curtis – Norse Dublin – Edmund Curtis
John RyanPre – Norman Dublin
Valentine Jackson – The inception of the Dodder water supply
Nuala Burke – Dublin’s north-eastern city wall: early reclamation and development at the Poddle-Liffey confluence
Breandán Ó Ríordáin – The High Street excavations
Thomas Drew – The ancient chapter-house of the priory of the Holy Trinity, Dublin
Patrick Healy – The town walls of Dublin
JB Maguire – Seventeenth-century plans of Dublin Castle
Roger Stalley – The medieval sculpture of Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin
HJ Lawlor – The monuments of the pre-Reformation archbishops of Dublin
HS Crawford – The market cross of Dublin

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Medieval Dublin:  The Living City (1990)
ed. Howard Clarke

Aubrey Gwynn – ‘The first bishops of Dublin’
A.L. Elliot – ‘The abbey of St Thomas the Martyr, near Dublin’
Charles McNeill – ‘Hospital of St John without the Newgate, Dublin’
Benedict O’Sullivan – ‘The Dominicans in medieval Dublin’
G.J. Hand – ‘The rivalry of the cathedral chapters in medieval Dublin’
Brian Mac Giolla Phádraig – ‘Fourteenth-century life in a Dublin monastery’
M.V. Ronan – ‘St Patrick’s staff and Christ Church’
R.H.M. Dolley – ‘The Dublin pennies in the name of Sitric Silkbeard in the Hermitage Museum at Leningrad’
R. Dudley Edwards – ‘The beginnings of municipal government in Dublin’
H.F. Berry – ‘Catalogue of the mayors, provosts and bailiffs of Dublin City, A.D. 1229 to 1447’
W.G. Strickland – ‘The ancient official seals of the City of Dublin’
A.J. Otway-Ruthven – ‘The chief governors of medieval Ireland’
A.E.J. Went – ‘Fisheries of the River Liffey’
T.K. Moylan – ‘Vagabonds and sturdy beggars: poverty, pigs and pestilence in medieval Dublin’

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Viking Dublin Exposed:  The Wood Quay Saga (1984)
ed. John Bradley

Richard Haworth – ‘The modern annals of Wood Quay’
F.X. Martin, osa – ‘Politics, public protest and the law’
Bride Rosney –  ‘Occupation Diary’
Peter Walsh –  ‘Leaves from a retrospective photo album’
Patrick F. Wallace –  ‘A reappraisal of the archaeological significance of Wood Quay’
Breandán Ó Ríordáin   ‘Excavations in Old Dublin’
Howard Clarke   ‘The historian and Wood Quay’
Anngret Simms –  ‘A key place for Dublin, past and present’
John de Courcy –  ‘Medieval banks of the Liffey Estuary’
The Friends of Medieval Dublin –  ‘A policy for medieval Dublin’