Milestones of Medieval Dublin

(This series has now finished)

At the conclusion of the very successful Tales of Medieval Dublin lecture series the Friends of Medieval Dublin decided to continue offering lectures in partnership with Dublin City Council. The new series, Milestones of Medieval Dublin, focuses not specifically on people, but on pivotal moments in the history of medieval Dublin.

Renowned experts describe the invasions, battles, famines and plagues that medieval Dubliners had to deal with make this one of the most fascinating cities in Europe.

Milestones of Medieval Dublin is a unique opportunity to discover how events like the arrival of the Vikings and the Anglo-Normans helped shape our city.

All lectures begin at 1.05pm and take place at the Wood Quay Venue of Dublin City Council (see below for map).

 No registration is necessary, entry is free and all are welcome!


Milestones of Medieval Dublin (2016)

12 July 2016, Áine Foley – 1392 attack on St Thomas’ abbey by the citizens of Dublin

9 August 2016, Paolo Virtuani – The headquarters of the Knights Hospitallers at Kilmainham (c. 1172-1541)

11 October 2016, Patrick Herbage – Dublin and Henry VIII

8 November 2016, Randolph Jones – The Battle of Bray

29 November 2016, Bernadette Williams – TBC

13 December 2016, Marie-Therese Flanagan – The Foundation of St Thomas’ abbey

Milestones of Medieval Dublin (2015)

Milestones Friend of Medieval Dublin Poster 2015

10 June 2015, Cherie N. Peters – 980: Freeing the Irish slaves of Dublin: context and consequences

14 July 2015, Stuart Kinsella – The foundation of Christ Church

10 August 2015, Linda Doran – Dublin and the Carlow corridor

8 September 2015, Áine Foley – The execution of William Bermingham

13 October 2015, Edward Coleman – ‘The origins of banking in Dublin’

10 November 2015, Sparky Booker – ‘The manorial court rolls of Lucan’

8 December 2015, Raymond Gillespie – ‘The establishment of the printing press’

Milestones of Medieval Dublin (2013)

Milestones of Medieval Dublin

11 June 2013, Linzi Simpson – c.790-800: The first Dublin Vikings

(The first Dublin Vikings podcast)

16 July 2013, Andy Woods – c.995: Producing Dublin’s first coinage: the money of the Hiberno-Scandinavians

(Producing Dublin’s first coinage podcast)

13 August 2013, Con Manning – 1207: The construction of Dublin Castle

(The Construction of Dublin Castle podcast)

10 September 2013, J.R.S. Philips – 1315: The Bruce Invasion

(The Bruce Invasion podcast)

8 October 2013, Gillian Kenny – 1349: The Black Death

(The Black Death podcast)

12 November 2013, Sparky Booker – 1487: The coronation of Lambert Simnel

(The coronation of Lambert Simnel podcast)

10 December 2013, Steven Ellis – 1534: Silken Thomas and the siege of Dublin

(Silken Thomas and the siege of Dublin podcast)


Map of Wood Quay venue